Kashmiri Almonds (400 Grams)

Kashmiri Almonds (400 Grams)

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Almonds – The fruit plucked by a Kashmiri farmer before being a dry fruit is slightly sour and mildly sweet, green in colour on the outside and on the inside as it turns ripe becomes dark pink and sweet which covers the shell. The nut inside the shell is known as an Almond is a dry fruit, shaped like an eye. Kashmiri Almonds are known to give rich taste and make dishes extra special.
Almonds are also known to boost your memory, munch on some almonds as they are good for your health.
Go for the pure variety of Kashmiri Almond which gives a glow to your skin and is also good for your hair.


This is a dry fruit (seeds) cultivated from the almond tree. Known as the ‘king of nuts’, it is valued for its incredible nutrient profile besides its taste and the flavour it offers which can be added to various delicacies.


  • Unsweetened almond milk is useful for reducing weight.
  • Almonds are also proven to be able to regulate blood sugar, thus lower the risk of diabetes.
  • They help in building strong teeth and bones.
  • Almonds help in reducing puffy eyes and dark circles.
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